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"Please take a moment to learn more about the Ombuds services available to you, especially if you are not sure where to turn for help. Over time, unresolved issues can become unhealthy, affecting your wellbeing, the success of your unit or department, and the strength of our community.  Please consider reaching out while problems are still small, and respectful solutions are easier to achieve."

- President Tim Sands  |  READ MORE

What is the Ombuds Office?

You know how issues, disagreements and conflict naturally occur at any place where people learn and work - such as Virginia Tech? The Ombuds Office, officially named the Virginia Tech Office of Interactive Communication & Empowerment (VOICE), helps you navigate through that sea of conflict when it comes up. We offer tools, strategies and techniques that can help you go from where you are to where you want to be. If this is something valuable to you, reach out and we look forward to being of service. For a more in depth overview, watch this video: "What is an Ombuds?"

Confidentiality  ·  Informality  ·  Impartiality  ·  Independence

Our Offering


Enhance the Virginia Tech experience

by providing individuals with a confidential space to speak freely and be listened to respectfully


Provide coaching and Ombuds services

to help individuals navigate through the inevitable conflict challenges that come up in campus life and


Encourage progress at the institutional level

by sharing with leadership aggregated information about issues of community concern.  


"The confidentiality of this service was important to me. Honestly, my meeting with the Ombuds led to a SIGNIFICANTLY better workplace situation, which in turn improved my overall health and well-being. I wish you could understand the difference this ONE meeting made for me."

“It was an easy conversation. I felt comfortable speaking my mind, which takes a deal of trust & letting go. The Ombuds allowed me that security & freedom.”

“I really appreciate having this service on campus, and the confidentiality of the service is what makes it work. I strongly feel you have the perfect person in this Ombuds position who is able to relate a very diverse population of VT employees.”

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With many ways to reach out,  we look forward to hearing from you!

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