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Services and Benefits

Services we provide

When it seems that you are stuck or out of ideas with the situation you’re struggling with the Virginia Tech Office of Interactive Communication & Empowerment (VOICE) may be able to help. VOICE helps you find your voice in a situation by providing the following Ombuds services:

  • Listening, with respect and without judgment, to your concern(s)
  • Identifying the issues and needs you have
  • Discussing your situation with you to understand the root causes of the problem
  • Exploring options, strategies, techniques and ideas that may help the situation
  • Empowering you to decide what action, if any, you decide to take in your situation
  • Where possible the Ombuds may be able to facilitate team meetings, informally facilitate between individuals and provide trainings and workshops

About Reese

Reese believes the following about the nature of conflict and those in our Hokie community that reach out to him for coaching:

Photo of Reese
  • Conflict is normal. Without it there wouldn’t be breakthroughs in our interactions. What’s not healthy, and what we want to avoid, is getting stuck when break downs in communication, misperceptions and a sense of disempowerment arise.
  • There is nothing wrong with you. You are naturally resourceful, creative and, like all of us at different times, in need of coaching and someone to help you navigate through your situation.
  • When you work with Reese you set the agenda and you decide your own course and action plan for managing the situation.
  • His agenda is crystal clear: He wants to add more value to your Virginia Tech experience than what you may currently be experiencing because of the challenge you’re dealing with.
  • Nothing ever stays the same. As challenging as the conflict you’re dealing with is, everything is a season and the situation you are in does not define you as a person. 

Benefits of working with VOICE

  • Your dilemma is confidential. VOICE is not an office of notice and what that means is that unless someone says they are going to hurt themselves and/or others than anything else is off-the-record and confidential. 
  • Productivity gains. The sooner your situation gets addressed the sooner you feel better about the situation and can focus on the reasons that brought you to Virginia Tech.
  • Savings in management time. If you’re a leader on campus then you know that dealing with conflict is time consuming and distracts from the projects and tasks that also need your attention. 
  • Personnel savings and lowered attrition. When individuals feel like they don’t have an option they may quit the environment and leave. By exploring options creating more breakthroughs those in the Hokie community will continue to stay and contribute to the growth and development of Virginia Tech.