The Relationship You Deserve



  • The level of someone’s happiness is in direct proportion to the quality of their relationships with those around them.
  • The relationship you deserve is the relationship you expect, create and accept.


The 4 Commitment Pillars

Commitment to Civility

People with relationships that they enjoy know that they both feel incredibly respected, acknowledged and validated and they make others also have that sense of significance. Respect is given to others not because they can boost our careers or have a specific title but simply because that other person is a human being, regardless of job roles or titles. If we look long enough there is always something we can find in others that we can respect (characteristic, value, trait, commitment, etc.).

Commitment to Collaboration

We all have unique talents and people that get along really well recognize that they have something to contribute to the other person (mentoring, guidance, coaching, etc.) but they also recognize that they can learn from those around them.  A partnership is not so much about compromising and sharing responsibilities but more about collaborating towards a common goal and supporting each other regardless of the “role” they are each supposed to play (i.e. manager, office management assistant, technologist, contractor, etc.).

Commitment to Communication

We all walk around with expectations about what we need from others and we (incorrectly) assume that they must know exactly what we need. The reality is that the other person may be pretty clueless as to what we may need and so simply communicating our needs increases the likelihood of those needs being met. People that get along better tend to be very committed to periodically talking about expectations.

Commitment to Conflict

Where two or more people gather there’s bound to be conflict. It happens. Its normal because how else would progress, change, and problems be solved except through some tension along the way? The key though is that some people get stuck in the conflict and it creates a breakdown in the relationship while others seek for that breakthrough.  They know that the path can get ugly but at some level they know the destination makes the journey worthwhile. Challenging? Yes. Emotionally charged? You bet. But ultimately the breakthrough can be so rewarding and so people are willing to overcome the assumptions, mistakes, faux pas, etc. that we all make.